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Mindful Living and Sustainable Building

 In the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh

Deer Park Monastery is a Zen Practice Center located in the high
chaparral mountains above Escondido, California.



Dear Community,

Welcome to the Deer Park Nunnery Project Blog! This site is being offered by lay practitioners in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. We are supporting and following the construction of environmentally-friendly building at Deer Park Monastery.

Four straw bale buildings will be raised to house the monastic sisters and provide living quarters for Thich Nhat Hanh when he visits the monastery.

This site will be updated regularly over the coming months to let you know how the project is doing; how individuals, local groups and sanghas are contributing; and how you can actively participate in the project.

If you are interested in Sustainable Building and Mindful Living, please subscribe to this website and share it with like-minded friends.

Join us on this journey of green building, sustainable design, and a tangible practice of mindful living.

Indiegogo Campaign Is On Now

“Build Clarity Hamlet”

“Build Clarity Hamlet”, the Indiegogo campaign is live and receiving contributions from around the world.  Visit the campaign and enjoy the wonderful “perks” being offered including our special edition t-shirt with the project watercolor painting and wonderful calligraphies Thay made especially for this campaign.

From now until December 4 please support our campaign by visiting the web site, like the campaign on your Facebook page, tweet it, and post it where it will be seen by anyone concerned about the environment.


Follow our progress at:


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Current Funding Status

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 We still need to raise approximately $377,000 to complete the project. (11/22/2014)

A History of Caring for the Earth

Respect for the earth is a basic practice in the Deer Park Community. This project joins a long list of environmental initiatives in place at the practice center. Some of our active effect are:

Solar Power

Three arrays of solar panels have been providing as much as 90% of our electricity needs for the past several years. These panels will provide the energy needed in the new buildings as well as continue to power the older structures. We also use solar power to charge golf carts, which are used for the majority of transportation purposes at the practice center.


Composting and Recycling

Residents and visitors take part in extensive composting and recycling activities as part of every day practice. Visitors, including children, are taught composting methods and are actively engaged in processing used materials during long retreats.

Car Free Days

Every Tuesday is a car free day at Deer Park. No one uses gasoline powered cars to leave the practice center unless there is an emergency.