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Mindful Living and Sustainable Building

Welcome to the Deer Park Nunnery Project Blog!

This site is being offered by lay practitioners in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. We are supporting and following the construction of environmentally-friendly building at Deer Park Monastery in Escondido, California.

There is a new plan to complete the project

The construction team has been ordered to proceed without halting thanks to generous donations, and to loans which have been provided.


Thays hut with overhang

Thay’s new hut, the building above, will be the first to be finished.


Three straw bale buildings will provide dormitories for the monastic sisters.

All the buildings are currently receiving exterior breezeways. This week work continues on the interiors including plastering the walls, finishing door and window sills, and laying tile in the community bathroom. Then comes electrical, plumbing, grey water system installation, and required landscaping.

If all goes well, the buildings will be approved for use in October or November.

We still need to focus on our fund raising goal, and on helping the monastery repay loans. A monthly donation is a good way to support repayment. Please consider setting up a monthly donation designated for the Nunnery Project via the Thich Nhat Hanh Foundation.


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A History of Caring for the Earth

Respect for the earth is a basic practice in the Deer Park Community. The new nunnery has been designed and built using the best of green building principles – passive solar design, straw bale construction, natural plaster, recycled steel roofs, and a gray water system are just a few of the sustainable features of the project.

The nunnery joins a long list of environmental initiatives already in place at Deer Park:

Solar Power: Solar panels have been providing as much as 90% of our electricity needs for the past several years. These panels will provide the moderate energy needs of the new nunnery.

Water Conservation: Mindful of this precious resource, Deer Park residents consume water with great care. Our landscaping plans focus on selecting native plants that require minimal water, and harvesting gray water and rain water for use in our food gardens.

Composting and Recycling: Residents and visitors take part in extensive composting and recycling activities as part of every day practice. Visitors, including children, are taught composting methods.

Car Free Days: Every Tuesday is a car free day at Deer Park. No one uses gasoline powered cars to leave the practice center unless there is an emergency.


 Funding Update

We are very close to reaching our goal!



Join us on this journey of green building and mindful living!

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